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[icon] ★☆★☆★☆ HIME KEI ♥姫系♥ ★☆★☆★☆
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Subject:Finally! JD WEBSHOP!!!
Time:08:51 pm
Everyone has waited for it, JD available in a regular online store.

 The Parco department store, does not ship overseas, so for people who need a shopping service,
I can reccomend the GLSS from Japan.
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Subject:REVIEW: Hervia Online-store (VIVIENNE WESTWOOD)
Time:04:44 pm

1 x Small Neo Bas Pearl Choker (VWSN634)
Colour Silver
1 x Boudoir Eau de Parfum 30 ml (VWP6)
1 x King Ring Silver (VWR63)
Size M



URL: http://www.hervia.com

Shopping Experience: First time
Shipped to: JAPAN

Accepted Payment Methods: Credit Card only

Shipping and Duration: (UK>>>JAPAN)
(International Shipping (0.45 kg) :£12.00 )

The order was shipped with Royal Mail Airmail, marked as gift (+).
Unfortunately there was no option of choosing the shipping method, (-)
so I could not choose insured shipping.
So there wasn't a trackingno. neither. (-)

What was little scary when ordering for £230.27.

It took 13 days until it arrived.
- Date Ordered : Sat 31 January, 2009
- Despatched : Mon 2 February, 2009
- Date Arrived: Sun 15 February, 2009

Service: I received an email when ordered, and one email, when the package was shipped.
There occured a problem at one of the three items : the ring-size I received (S-size)
does not match with the one I ordered (M-Size). Due to that I can not wear the ring.

Item Quality: Vivienne Westwood is a brand that does convince with quality.
It offers beautiful, individual clothes which are expensive but worth it. I ordered
this time perfume, a ring and a necklace, the ring is 925 silver, but the necklace is not,
so I am worring the silver part will get stained soon after putting it on.

I contacted Hervia immediately today concerning the size mistake that has happend to the ring.
I want to return the ring and receive the size I ordered.
On their homepage they claim not to refund shipping charges, but I strongly hope they are willing
to pay both shipping charges, since it is their mistake.

EDIT: (2009 3/20)
I finally recieved the right ring!
Last Sunday (Mar 8th 2009) I received a notive from the japanese customs to
send bills etc. to show the value of the item.
One week later I send them the bill and explained that I returned an item, which size didn' fit.
three days later I receieve my ring, without paying taxes, even though the ring was £121.74,
which is more than 16600 Yen and should definitely be taxable.

COMMENT: the japanese customs are really strange! I once ordered a 500 $ order with only DVD's
from the states, and I did not pay taxes, even though it was obvoisly declared on the package.

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Subject:Latest items
Time:11:39 am
I'm buying like crazy, here my latest shopping items:


JESUS DIAMANTE Champagne (?) Baretta


Feb 7th:


Feb 12th:

JESUS DIAMANTE Rose Straos Sandale

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Subject:DS: Gothic Lolita Bible COLLECTION Vol.1~16 +PRESENT Vol.22 /// SOCK-SET!!
Time:02:59 pm

DS: Gothic Lolita Bible COLLECTION Vol.1~16 +PRESENT Vol.22

Payment: Paypal (4% plus) or bank transfer (german bank account)

Shipping: from Japan with EMS only (insured&tracking). Shipping fees are in brackets.

Condition: All magazines are USED but in mint or good condition. All patterns included, except Vol.2

Will send the 17 mags
- marked as 'gift' + 'used'
and will
- add a personal message
>>>>> to avoid customs in your country ;)


Gothic Lolita Bible VOL. 1~16 plus PRESENT Vol. 31
(on the picture not shown but VOL. 14+15 are in the SET included)

EURO 250 (includes 150 Euro insured S&H worldwide (EMS))

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[icon] ★☆★☆★☆ HIME KEI ♥姫系♥ ★☆★☆★☆
View:Recent Entries.
You're looking at the latest 4 entries.